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Joanna Choo

Please do provide me details for the next gathering! =) I would to join the group :)


I LOVED reading this! You oh-so-perfectly described every mama's GNO! I've followed your writing from xanga and you're such a talented, witty and honest writer. Already looking forward to reading your next article!


would love to join you ladies for the next gathering. Please do provide me the details! =)


hi, i would love to join you guys also! and great article!!


hahhhahaa!! dry vaginas!!! loving it tracy!


Tracy~ so witty, and well written too! My fave part was the part about closets to cures for colic LOL! Looks like you guys had such a great time~must must must make it next month's meetup! ^^


YAY I keep reading this article over and over again! :) Hopefully I'll see you in Tava and my son's little head will be replaced by mine. :)


You make me wish I lived in Cali just so I can attend your meetups.


What a great article, and I can definitely relate! It is very true how open mom's can be - there's no holding back! Hope to see more articles from you!


What a great article trace! It Made me LOL & has me waiting for the next meet up. it was REALLY nice having a GNO w/ u mamas...Can't wait!


looking forward to joining you ladies at Tava!


hi tracy!! loved the article and i've loved your writing since i first started reading your xanga entries. i wanna hear more about the sex positions! lol!!

jennifer ahn

hi skippee~! tracy ur an awsome writer! i totally agree with all your reasons but especially love reason 3 =)
id love to join for the next meet too ^^


hilarious and you nailed it on all points on what the mom goes through for a GNO!!! i wish i could join you ladies every month!


such an awesome article!!! i read and loved every word~~! you are such a talented writer. you always know how to accurately portray any situation in the funniest light. i can't wait to read more articles from you! please start working on your next one. =)

Sandra Choi

Hilariously filled with so many truths =)

I'm looking forward to reading more articles from you!


tracy~ i've always loved your writing & loooooooved this article!! my fav part - 9 to 91!! that's so my closet full of stuff that no longer fit or are appropriate, haha! your writing is so honest funny and relatable! more articles by tracy shin PLEASE!! :)

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