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Congratulations! I'm so glad your first IVF was a success. I totally feel the same way about the word "relax" Doesn't that word have a different meaning today after Conner though? We tried to have a baby for ten years, tried IUI and IVF several times with all negative results. When we finally gave up all hope, we were pleasantly surprised w/ a gift on our tenth anniversary with a baby. Reading your story reminded me about all the hard times I had for ten years. Now that our baby girl is 11 months old and I'm so busy w/ raising her, I've forgotton about how I felt when I found out I was pregnant.... Thank you for sharing your story....brings tears of joy.


It really is a beautiful story. I remember feeling the same way before we had kids. It didn't seem fair at we have 5 and 3 are Korean born angels.


thank you for sharing your story, it literally made me choke up quite a few times while reading it all 3 parts. congratulations :)and what a blessed family you have ^__^


Thank you for sharing your story with us! Connor is beautiful and most certainly a miraculous gift from God!!

Pauline Maneepong-Lee

Congratulations! What a beautiful story. Wish your family all the best and hope Connor will have a little brother or sister to play with soon =)

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