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Linda Quarles

Hi Jeanie, it's me Linda Q :) Great to see you here giving out advice, I know you're a fabulous mom.

Another piece of advice for this mom is if you do decide to do this method, and it's really hard for you to hear the crying, turn off the monitor for the 15 minutes or go to a part of the house where you cannot hear baby so as not to torture yourself. Also, there is usually one parent that might be less likely to cave so at night send the other parent to the guest room, not involved in the training so they don't feel the temptation to go in and rescue crying baby. Oftentimes that means dad might end up doing the sleep training which is just as well.

You will be suprised - it should take 2-3 days for the baby to get sleep trained if you do stick with it.

Also, Jeanie's method is a great one but there are a few other good sleep training methods but the main point is to choose one and STICK TO IT until the baby gets it. Don't switch to another method the 2nd night because you will be starting all over again.

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