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I love the sleepers with zippers, but don't mind the button ones so much. I just get annoyed with the two buttons towards the bottom where the legs separate. I usually don't even bother buttoning those two during the middle of the night As for the infant socks... I gave up on those during the first week. Ben wears them only during our "photo shoots". When was your little one born? 12th or 18th?


i also have a newborn at home and i really wish i had bought more sleepers with ZIPPERS instead of buttons. my husband HATES dealing with the buttons at 3am!!! my older son was born in july so he just slept in onesies but because it's winter, i also recommend sleepers with feet. infant socks always fall off, especially with girls because their feet are so narrow (typically).

by the way, it's been fun following you on your journey since our babies are only 3 days apart :)

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