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A. Park

HI Lisa,

Sorry to hear you are going through that. I recently learned about an online community site called I myself just joined the Korean language/Culture group. Although I have not yet gone to a meeting I understand it's a group of people who speak/understand varying levels of the Korean language and then they meet to teach/learn the language more effectively.

Do a search for Korean Language or Korean Culture in your area and you might get lucky and find a meetup group that already exists which you can join and meet with other like minded people. Otherwise you might want to consider starting a group of your own and hope that other people want to join.

Good Luck!

Jen Soo

Hi Lisa,

So sorry to hear about that. I wish I could teach you! I've been through the learning process and it was really difficult even when I am living in Korea and forced to listen/use Korean every single minute. I am not sure of any organisations in the US but as a language learner myself, I can say that as long as you persevere and don't think of giving up, you will reach your goal one day. I hope you will be able to find many Korean friends because it is when you are in the environment that you will be able to pick it up fast. <3


Thanks for the meetup idea. I did look into it, but there are no groups withing 2 hours of here, so not very feasible for a girl with 5 kiddos. I'm on a couple of different online learning venues and have gotten a little better, but sometimes I get things changed via preference, but then after asking someone else if I translated correct I am closer. So, as in English, Korean is obviously preferential. Oy! I will keep trying, but only because, as my mother says, I am extremely stubborn! :)


Hi Lisa,
Randomly found this site and had to comment on your story. I'm a Korean adoptee and I just wanted to let you know I think your efforts are amazing. Neither of my parents tried to learn Korean. What you're trying to do is seriously awesome and I wish my parents had had the interest you did. I have spent time trying to learn it myself but haven't really kept up with it. But I encourage you and your daughters to stick with it as much as you can. Are any local colleges near you offering classes?? I guess you would have looked into that already. But just a thought. GOOD LUCK!!


Thanks Helen. For now I have to be happy with internet learning, but I will continue to try to pick up something here and there as time allows. I had hopes of speaking a little before our whole family goes back in 3 years, but am not sure that's really possible. I should be happy that I even understand the characters, I guess. Thank you for your support. There's nothing better at night than when I close the girls' door and I hear saranghaeyo.


Hi Lisa, love the web site thus far, thank you! I am 51 years old, and have been playing on and off since I was 11 years old. As a kid I took lenssos for a couple of years, learned how to read music but wasn't satisfied as I wanted to play the songs that were on the radio. I learned how to play chords, would buy books from my favorite bands/musicians like America, Neil Young, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle etc and I would sing. For many years my guitars were my best friend as I traveled the world while in the Military. I lost interest for probably 10 years or so when I got out and have now re-gained a passion to play. I sold my old Gibson ES 330 a couple of years ago and bought a Fender Amercian Strat, I still have my 1970 s Takamine acoustic and most recently bought my new baby (Taylor 814CE) which I absolutely love. Of course now my passion to play is different. I no longer want to play just chords and sing. With my Strat I wanted to get into the blues. I learned the Minor Pentatonic scales and some licks but seem to be in what you would call Pentatonic jail. I feel stagnant. Having my new Taylor I want desparately to learn finger style. I have picked up some stuff on You Tube ie. Travis picking, some Stephan Grossman blues stuff but I want to play special music. Honestly I want to play for God. How should I practice? What should I practice? How do I learn? Do I continue to pick up licks on line or should I find a song to learn? Are there any video's or books that you would recommend? I do love the way you play and sing, and I value your input. God is always good, Joe


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