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This is amazing! My sister and I love this dol. We're having a small party for her son who is turning one later this month, and I still can't figure out what to use as the base for the go ims (pillars)! If anyone sees this comment and has a suggestion, please let me know. Thanks!

KOKO Living

@Sharon.. most people use Paper towel rolls with the plastic still on them. Then the tape on a letter size art drawing onto the roll.. then after that.. hot glue candy or beans.. your choice and then let dry. Simple!!!

We'd love to see your final product! Email a photo to me and I'll post it on KOKO here! Maybe you can submit an instructional article? If not.. have a WONDERFUL Party!!!



So Young Jang

Everything was beautiful!! I think this was the nicest display of duk I've seen. The shops I visited only prepares them in a mound. Could someone tell me where the duk was from? Much Thanks!

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