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The Italy Chronicles :
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Contact the writer: 402-473-9584, paul.hammel@owh.comSeveral more quick thoughts on what I’ve seen and heard regarding Nebraska’s 2013 roster:
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It is widely known that in many countries regulations on jaywalking do not exist, and even the concept of jaywalking is an unknown concept.
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Only Wilshere enhanced his reputation here, attempting to drag Arsenal back into the game after a first half in which Bayern had played like kings. Toni Kroos was excellent, scoring the first. Thomas Muller was his usual font of energy up and down the right and he plundered the second, following more abject defending by Arsenal. Even when Lukas Podolski scored it took on a consolation feel when Mario Mandzukic scored a third away goal for brilliant Bayern. For 55 minutes, Arsenal were utterly outclassed. They had little shape, little fight, little defensive organisation. Bayern were irresistible for almost an hour. Even when Arsenal pulled one back early in the second half, Bayern simply reacted strongly.
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Shaikh takes umbrage at the isolated location of the 33 buildings of the colony. "We have just one bus [going past our area], but the service is neither regular not adequate for over 10,000 residents. We have to shell out Rs60 just to make a one-way trip to the Goregaon station. How can we afford this?"
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