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abercrombie fitch

I had this website saved a while in the past but my computer crashed.


I think thank you is the proper way to show gtidarute (even the simple courteous kind) No Problem is too flippant and implies it might have been a problem (hate it when customer service people say that one; if it's your job, do it and don't imply it's a friggin probblem!) Yes is not quite the same as sure to me. Sure implies a less definitive decision, as if coerced or giving l'empress 1-No, if's I'm owed a thank you I might say you're welcome if I'm feeling sarcastic and peeved about it. (depends tho) 2-I think your welcome is fine, though it seems formal (what else can you say?), but you're *very* welcome! is way too fake and should be avoided at all costs.



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