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Michelle Sim

the best part of being a mommy are the irreplacement memories and heartracing moments your children give daughter came up to me one day and told me, "mommy, you're my BEST friend!" and gave me the biggest bear hug and smile (she's 3 yrs old) you can imagine, i melted, then wondered, where did you learn that?...a mixture of pure ecstasy and can't ever get that from anything else!

Elizabeth Lee

The best part about being a mommy is watching my daugther smile & laugh in her sleep... I wonder what she dreams about.
I can't wait to hear her full laugh coming sometime this month!

Sue Bae

the best part of being a mommy are the priceless moments with my daughter. the out of the blue, "i love you, mommy" and hugs & kisses. it's the sweetest & melts my heart ~

J Pae

The best part of being a mommy is hearing your child laugh hysterically and know that you had something to do with making her happy at that moment.

adrienne jun

the best part about being a mommy is everything! but one of my all-time favorite thing is waking up to my baby's beautiful smiling face!

Caroline Chon

the best part of being a mommy is being a part of my baby's development & growth. the times goes by so fast so i'm relishing every moment & milestone.

Ji Young Choy

Wow! There are just so many...but one of the best parts of being a mommy is definitely seeing my daughter's personality develop. I can't believe just how much spunk and silliness my little girl comes up with on her own. God has truly given each and every one such a unique and tender spirit.


Wow! Amazing how much Megan has grown~I can see both Robert and Junco in her. So, you know it's a boy? Great! Beautiful photos~ Beautiful happy flmaiy~


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