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Nina Kim Ha

this is soo cool!! i think my hubby would love this too! ;P

Dianne Ip

This looks really good. It'll be something fun to do for parties as well.


Love this! I wonder how timeconsuming they are to make, though.


wow, they actually have a book about this! my daughter would LOVE it. =]


So cute!!!!! Can't wait to learn how to make them!


Wow!!! My kids would love this =)


i want to learn this for my girls!


this is too cute! i'd love to own a copy.

Kim Lee

Would love this as inspiration for my 2 girls' lunches!

Jina Lee

How super cute... love making bentos.

Yuri Kim

s~~~o!!!! Cute~~ I need for my kids~ They will love it~
Oh~ my kids just said~"mom are u going to made me this for lunch~^^"

Jin G.

This is great!


i need this book for my picky eater!!


i, too, really need this book for lunch ideas for my picky kindergartener!! we are both tired of packing/eating the same 3 things for lunch!!


This will be fun for kids!!!


ADORABLE!!! How fun to make all those goodies. For me too! :)


this would make my lunch time more enjoyable!

Michelle Sim

i'm hoping this will encourage me to be more creative with my daughter's meals...

Jeni Park

Super Cute!


love packing bento boxes for my non-sandwich eating kids. this would be great to get more ideas!


lunches will never be the same again! i love it!

Angela Synn

What a great way to brighten up your child's day and to let them know they are special!

angela kim

very cute!

Christine Moon

Great ideas!

soyan kim

maybe with the help of this book, my kid will eat more than just cheese sticks!

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