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thanks so much for the feature! xo!

Jordan 23

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Una Chung-Iwasaka

Hi Asher's Mommy!

I love all your wonderful ideas. I especially like your flyer that you put on the table for people to understand the meaning of the dol....Most of our guests are going to be non-Korean as well. Would you mind sharing what you wrote about? I'd greatly appreciate it! My son's dol is SUNDAY -- in 1 week! And time is running out on me :(. I'm trolling the internet for some last minute ideas and your flyer idea is particularly fabulous. Many thanks!
- Una

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I was about to tear your comment to shreds, but I do need to ask a legit question first:

Where do you draw the line between a commercial work and noncommercial work? What's the difference to you?

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